Shelf Planner for WooCommerce


In 2020, Shelf Planner received funding from the Swedish Innovation
institute Vinnova, kickstarting the development of a revolutionary tool for
small and medium sized companies.v

Now, 1 year later, Shelf Planner is helping retailers to improve their sales, maximize their profitability and reduce their waste at the same time. Calculating your orders and making forecasts of future sales has been a hassle for many byers, with Shelf Planner it’s as easy as a click.

“Globally, you can clearly see an increase in awareness as well as ambition to take responsibility, run businesses more sustainably, but the fashion industry as a whole, can do a lot more. If anything, the pandemic has shown us how vulnerable value chains around the world are, but we believe more can be done to improve the way we buy and produce our products,” says Robert Cleijsen, founder and CEO of Shelf Planner. “In a way, it is easier than ever to start a business, but in a more and more competitive environment, it has become harder to actually make it work.”