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Shelf Planner's inventory optimization platform allows you to always have the right amount of stock, in the right place, at the right time. Never over stock or under stock again.

Create workflows to automatically run frequent tasks on sales orders and fulfillments. Add tags, notes, line items, and discounts. Pack orders and create shipments. Also route orders to different stock locations and create email or Outlook notifications to send messages, invoices, and shipping information to your customers or team members.

Order fulfillment actions Shelf Planner helps you with:

Order booking – collate orders from all sales channels into one centralized system

Order sourcing – determine the optimal location from which to fulfill the order

Order processing – pick and pack by using packing slips and labels, as well as barcode scanners

A purchase order can be fulfilled in multiple parts if needed be, and you will have all the records of it to make sure nothing is lost in transition and your stock levels are always up to date.

3PL Shipments – send all your shipping specifications in bulk to 3PLs via our free 3PL exporter add-on or via our shipping integrations.

Returns – Occurrences of return on orders can be kept for historical record, and the necessary adjustments in your stock and accounting system will be carried out by Shelf Planner on your behalf.