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Dynamic Inventory Management

Automate and control your orders with Shelf Planner's order fulfillment platform. Fulfill orders at a faster pace, in a greater volume and at lower costs with visibility of the entire process.

By installing Shelf Planner for your store, you can take advantage of a fully-automated demand forecasting and inventory optimization system well-suited for wholesalers and retailers. Giving you accurate forecasts across all your sales channels for any e-com platform

Traditional inventory management solutions use a min or max logic to determine re-order points. Shelf Planner calculates a so called Ideal Stock for every product, for every day of the week

Analyze your products effectively and accurately, see what sells and what doesn’t. The list is ready-made, no more spreadsheets, or manual paper calculations.

Purchase orders are created automatically to your suppliers from your WooCommerce or PrestaShop store. Each product has a detailed stock history, making it easy to see a comprehensive restock log for quantity, date and assigned team members.

Never Order Again.

Shelf Planner uses classic, predictive analyses, based on historical, transactional data, past events and sales activities, in combination with cutting edge machine learning capabilities.
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Automated purchase order

Shelf Planner calculates how much to order for each product, for every day of the week.

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Optimize across locations and warehouses

Get accurate and real-time inventory data from all the channels and meet consumer expectations from anywhere, to anywhere.

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Maximize Productivity

Increase profit by making data-driven decisions across all product categories and sales channels.

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