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Highlighted features of Shelf Planner’s Inventory Management
Shelf Planner Campaign Optimizer

No more min/max stock to determine your inventory.

With online catalogues with thousands of items, it’s not always practical to stock all items at all times. Shelf Planner continuously reviews and updates which items should be in stock, automating the process based on cost, lead time, demand forecasts, or even page views.

Ensure availability with best in class inventory planning

Reduce out-of-stock and improve availability

Reduce inventory across all your locations with next generation inventory management

Reduce locked working capital and inventory devaluation

Shelf Planner New Product Launch

Get it right from the start.

Forecasting buying volumes for new product introductions is always tricky.

Shelf Planner's forecasting engine identifies the best reference product in your data based on attributes like price point or brand, helping you more accurately predict how new products will behave.

A world of insights in the palm of your hand.

Shelf Planner uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the impact of weather, local and globals trends and holidays on sales at an item/location level, then recommends updates to your sales forecasts for weather sensitive products.

Be better prepared for the ice cream run on that first beautiful summer day.



reduction in inventory.


reduction in stock outs.


on-shelf availability.

Get better visibility into your operations with Shelf Planner’s inventory management

Turn your data into accurate, automated, actionable business decisions.

Shelf Planner starts with your internal retail data and factors in external data from events like holidays or weather forecasts, optimizing your demand forecasts so you can continuously improve your demand planning.

Sit back and relax while Shelf Planner optimizes your store.

Shelf Planner manages your inventory in stores, warehouses, pop-ups, or wherever you store your products.

Connect with your suppliers and automatically generate re-orders and PO’s.

Optimize your store with other extensions and integrations.

Easily sync with third-party extensions to help you manage and optimize your store even more.

How much can Shelf Planner increase your bottom line?

Get your data analyzed for free, no strings attached.