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to Work Smarter.Increase Sales.Reduce Inventory.Save The Planet.Cut The Long Tail.Minimize Waste.Improve Your Bottom Line.

Never Order Again.

Shelf Planner dynamic forecasting uses your sales data—along with real world considerations like school schedules, local events, holidays, and weather—to create your perfect order.
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Automated Purchase Orders

Shelf Planner calculates how much to order for each product, for every day of the week.

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Optimize across locations and warehouses

Get accurate and real-time inventory data from all the channels and meet consumer expectations from anywhere, to anywhere.

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Maximize Productivity

Increase profit by making data-driven decisions across all product categories and sales channels.

Forecast True Demand.

Shelf Planner uses classic, predictive analyses, based on historical, transactional data, your past and future campaigns and sales activities, in combination with cutting edge machine learning capabilities.
Forecast Your True Demand

Using advanced algorithms, demand management enables you to optimise your forecast accuracy, make faster data-driven decisions to increase sales and margins.

Optimize across locations and warehouses

Respond quickly to changes in the supply chain and fulfil demand based on real-time market data.

Sales & Campaign Management

Get a better understanding of the impact of campaigns and events on your sales and see how it impacts your stock.

Cut the long tail.

Accurate assortment planning is essential to meet your customer demand. Allocation and replenishment capabilities recommend the right merchandise distribution so you can optimize your inventory, reduce waste, and avoid unnecessary markdowns.
Get the Perfect Assortment for Your Store

Use data-driven insights to improve your decisions during the merchandise planning process. You can optimise down to the most granular level item/store/day level of detail.

Optimize Your Distribution

Present the right inventory throughout your distribution network, minimising stock-outs, while maximising inventory turns in your supply chain.

Get It Right From The Start

Shelf Planner uses advanced algorithms and best-in-class machine learning to generate accurate sales projections and scenarios for new product introductions.

Seamlessly integrates with the best online apps and platforms

Shelf Planner integrates with most commonly used e-com platforms and apps. 

Cloud Based & API First

Shelf Planner provides an intelligent platform with features that are traditionally reserved for larger brands. Connect directly with your suppliers and manufactures through the messaging centre and let Shelf Planner take care of your ordering, warehouse management and number crunching, or use the comprehensive reporting suite to keep track of your business' performance.
With Shelf Planner you have everything you need to get the most from your business: whether you are just starting out or have an established business and looking to grow more. 

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