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We at Quick Assortments AB, are firmly committed to supporting the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals #12, to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. With our software Shelf Planner, we will contribute to halving food waste and produce in more sustainable ways by 2025. This ambition builds on our strong belief in optimization of value chains. According to available estimates, approximately one-third of all food produced in the world intended for human consumption is lost or wasted.

Waste and spilage hence represents a missed opportunity to feed the growing world population, a major waste of resources and a needless source of greenhouse gas emissions that impacts climate change. Wasting food also means wasting resources and efforts put into improving the sustainability of food production.

Preventing waste is a key priority for all types of manufacturers and forms an important part in delivering a Circular Economy. Consumer goods manufacturers in Europe are actively working to reduce food waste in their operations and along the food chain for example through innovative supply chain partnerships.

Join us on this journey and find out more about how we prevent food waste.

Let's Go!

Did you know….

…that every year, in Europe alone, 88 million tonnes of food go to waste every year.
let’s take an example from the apparel industry…
Textile production (including cotton farming) uses almost 100 billion cubic metres of water annually, representing 4% of global freshwater withdrawal.
The equivalent of more than 3 trillion plastic bottles is needed to produce plastic-based clothes every year.
The production of 1 kilogram of cotton garments uses up to 3 kilograms of chemicals

Shelf Planner finds your ideal stock

By using advanced sales forecasting and probability models, Shelf Planner is able to generate an ideal stock for each product, category and store every week.
Using machine learning and historic sales, the predictions get more and more accurate over time.

Start making a difference now!

No matter what you sell, also you can make a difference.
Start a free trial and experience how you can increase your profit, reduce your costs and at the same time reduce our waste foot print.