35% waste in apparel production

35% of all materials in the supply chain end up as waste before a garment or product reaches the customer.

Shelf Planner's advanced forecasting generates an ideal order for every SKU and help you reduce out-of-stocks that costs you money.

35% Waste

40% of fresh food is wasted.

Some 88 million tonnes of food are wasted in the EU every year.

At Shelf Planner, we help you reduce up to 20% of your inventory and minimize spillage.

1 Billions Tons of CO2

Shipping in the retail industry is a significant polluter, making up 3% of global CO2 emissions in 2018.

At Shelf Planner, our automated orders and best-in-class demand forecasting helps you to buy exactly what you need and optimize your entire value chain.

40% of all apparel ends up On Sale.

Unlike other demand planning solutions, Shelf Planner automates the entire ordering process.

Forget about min or max stock, Shelf Planner calculates exactly how much to order, for every product, every day of the week.

Overstock situations are minimized and as a result, your net profits will go up.


Join Us, Become a Responsible Retailer.

Perfect Orders.
Every Day.

Shelf Planner is an automated forecasting and prediction engine that recommends how much to order for all products for every day of the week, using machine learning and advanced forecasting logics.

Sales Go Up.

Understock situations lead to missed sales opportunities.

Because Shelf Planner uses a so called ‘ideal stock’, based on a more accurate sales forecast, Out of Stock situations are reduced and sales increases.

Profits Go Up.

Overstock situation will ultimately lead to forced markdown and clearances, which is weighing heavy on net margin and profitability.

By reducing overstock situations, sell through at full price increases and net margin improves.

What Are the Benefits of Accurate Demand Forecasting?

Reliable demand forecasts are an essential part of a retail business because, simply put, they reduce uncertainty.

With an accurate calculation of how many items you will sell at any given time, you can order, allocate, and replenish those items accordingly.

Only 6 weeks into the program, our pilot stores already achieved a 20% reduction on stock and improved availability on top selling items to 97%. 

Shelf PlannerWorks like Magic

Empower yourself with our magical tools and make a contribution to a better planet.

Shelf Planner is a ‘plug-and-play’ solution that requires no coding or expensive integrations.

Our easy-to-use dashboards and control panels help merchants to better understand and anticipate, which creates positive effects throughout the value chain. 

Forecasting the right demand is a way of caring for the planet.

For Retailers

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For Partners

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Together we grow fast and can offer merchants and retailers magical tools to run better businesses.

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Our promise is to deliver world class technology to our customers.

Our end game is to eliminate waste and overproduction in retail.

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